Plant identification, please!

Does anyone know what this is?

looks like a honeysuckle to me… I’m only about 50% sure though…



I think …
Prostrate spurge .
If so , when you break off a leaf , it will show a milky sap.
Potentially toxic sap .



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That was my sister’s pic. You just saved a few lives. Her neighbor told her to make stir fry out of those weeds. So crazy!

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It’s honeysuckle, actually.

Spurge doesn’t have woody stems.

I wouldn’t wish to eat it and you’d get a belly ache.


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It looks like one of the species of spurge, a low growing, inedible, annual weed.


Probably not honeysuckle, but looks very much like its relative, think its a honey berry

Ty, everyone! It’s good to know that it is not edible. I don’t know how that neighbor survived this long! Then, to ask other ppl to stir fry is just nuts!

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Y’all got spurge down south that’s woody, huh? Wow, that’s weird to me.

Right on. Thanks y’all for educating me. And also Dennis.

Around here in IL. Bush Honeysuckle is wildly out of control. I tried to kill every single bit I saw of it this Spring. I did a good job.

I’m guessing they thought it was purslane (which would be edible)?

If I’m not mistaken, you can see fine hairs on the stem near the top of the picture - I believe that’s another tell for the prostrate spurge as opposed to purslane?

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Isn’t purslane fleshy, like a succulent. I grow a selected variety for eating.

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yes, purslane is fleshy.

purslane leaves are thicker than those in the original image.


Curious to know what variety and how you like it. I’ve been casually snacking on the wild purslane in our garden - the succulence with a touch of sour is pretty pleasant. Nice in salad, too.

I’m not sure, and this year’s are volunteers after tilling, I let previous plantings go to seed.

I know I’ve purchased Goldgelber and at least one other variety in the past. The leaves are relatively big and off of the dirt for the most part on mine.

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Love this video! Ty!