Plant mandarin tree in June?

Hey all, I’m eager to grow a Shiranui “Sumo” from Tomorrow’s Harvest/Burchell Nursery).

Is it okay to plant in June, or am I better off just waiting until fall?

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At least here where I live the only times I would feel I could get a citrus tree shipped to me would be May-June and in September. I have bought a few citrus that were shipped dead to me from frost. If you are in a warmer climate where you can grow citrus naturally outside it may burn up though.

Thanks for your reply, it’s an interesting thought re: getting the trees, I’ve only thought about ideal planting times. But both are relevant :wink:

I’d plant it. Worst case, if there’s a heatwave, I’d build a temporary shelter out of a cardboard box. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks, I placed the order, hoping to plant before June even :wink:

Do I have the numbers right–does that come in a #5 multi-gallon container?

You could hold it in the pot for a week or so, exposing it gradually to the sun. If it looks like it will handle the sun without problems, go ahead and put it in the ground.

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I would water it every day.

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It is, I purchased a #5 Shiranui for $75, plus $25 for shipping.

I asked because I would decide on transplant time depending on how may new tender roots are visible on the outside of the potting soil, and would be easily damaged.

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