Planted out tomatoes and peppers


Today 3 of the g-kids and I pulled up all the tomatoes and peppers, untied and removed the supports and stacked all neatly for next year. When they get 70% blighted, it’s time to quit and prep the beds for fall/winter growing. Our sauna conditions in August is disagreeable to them. Our workhorse is Golden Jubilee. Didn’t count how many pints I put up. It’s a good feeling to close that chapter. Now to switch gears.


OK, gonna have to try that one Where did you get the SM seeds? Seems like a lot of strains of them around.[quote=“BobVance, post:297, topic:6191”]
Big Beef

OK, gonna add that one too!


I don’t actually remember where I got the original SM seeds, I’ve been saving the seeds every year since I planted them and so the seeds I sent you awhile back are the same batch I planted this year that made the San Marzano’s in the picture above.


Yes, thank you, I could not remember they were from you, too many trades.I will mark them better! My seed collection is a mess as I had damaged seed last winter, and the collection is still in disarray. I focused on replacing what I lost this year.


My Red Brandywines!


VERY nice bunch of BW’s!!!

Interestingly, I only today made an entry in my log about the tomatoes from this years garden varieties. (I’d previously noted that my Brandywine Sudduth strain [pink] were a bit of a disappointment - being prone to cracking, huge plants but not a lot of production, but were a very good tasting tomato)

Well, I’ve been batching it for a couple days and so come time to eat I’m looking for the easiest thing around. I grabbed a Brandywine and put a slice on some bread with mayo and cheddar cheese, put a touch of salt and pepper on there and it was just heaven!

I placed a revised note in my log, that while I may only get a fraction of BW’s as compared to Naves Azorean Red, they need to be in my garden every year going forward. I revised the comment “good” tasting tomato to GREAT :slightly_smiling_face:

If your reds are half as good you won’t wanna share with the neighbors…


Beautiful, Mrs. G. How do they taste? You grow such beauties.

Last night we ate Orange Amana for the first time. This year we planted around 20 varieties. So far Orange Amana is the best in taste, texture, color and form. Very large, beautiful, orange tomatoes that are sweet and meaty.

They cracked a bit so we ate them right away before thinking about taking a pic.


Here is the picture of tomato towers. They worked well through the season.

Okra is on the left. Ali Baba and Orange Glo watermelons in front. Romeo tomato is on the right, it keeps setting a lot of fruits. I removed several bushes of tomatoes, because I’ve had enough of them already and to let air flow through.
Another picture of Dina tomato.

The harvest keep going, at this point I give away a lot of tomatoes.

Orange tomatoes are Dina tomatoes, very meaty with very good taste. The pink hearts are Hungarian heart tomato. They were so prolific and good tasting this year that I am thinking that they should be my main must to grow tomatoes.


Not sharing! They are delicious! The taste of summer. Not too acidic. Perfect!


Mam these are juicy, a beautiful shape and no mealiness! They are a perfect summer tomato! You would like it.


Your Hungarian hearts are usually how my Cuore Di Bue look, but not this year. My Italian or heart tomatoes are much smaller and totally pink!


I just Harvested lots of different varieties of veggies. Maria, some of those sweet peppers are from swapping with you. I am not sure what they are.



Beautiful! Holy cow!


Tony, you have good harvest. September is a pepper month. I do not remember what varieties I gave to you, and it is hard to guess when peppers are green, because they look similar. Here are some of mine picked today

Also there are Aconcagua peppers very large and productive.


Good to known Amanda orange taste good.I bought seeds to try next year



I think you will like it. Both my hubby and I like it esp. Its meatiness ( is that the word?). I feel like I eat something with substance not watery tomatoes.

Picked another one.

Big Rainbow on left, Orange Amana on right.


Those are beautiful tomatoes. I am experiencing lots of cracking this year.


I owe you a lot of thank you for all the seeds you kindly sent me.

I have some cracks and bottom end rot. This is the first year growing tomatoes. We hope to be more organized and better prepared next year.

Do you have any recommendations re. websites or links so I could learn how to save tomato and pepper seeds, please?


which tastes better?


So far, I like OA more. However, the Big Rainbow may be picked a bit before fully ripe. We picked it before rain arrived.