Planted out tomatoes and peppers


Heh, I’m surprised they’d even try one Reaper. How big is that plant? I bet the fumes in your kitchen cooking up those peppers were potent! Those short orange bananas look like the Bulgarian Carrot I grew this year, by far the hottest of all my peppers this year.


Bob, I cooked the sauce from sweet and mildly hot peppers, the orange ones are called Numex Sunset, they are mild and have only hot tops. So far I dried some ripe reapers and am thinking to use it as an insect repellent. I might try to make a small pot of sauce out of Carolina reapers, just for fun.


I’ve never heard of a pepper sauce, mind sharing the recipe?


Do it tony


It is not really a recipe, l just tried to make it and it turned out great.
You’ll need a lot of peppers. Clean them, remove the seeds, cut into medium pieces. Put into non stick pot, do not add any liquid, just stew on the medium heat, mixing occasionally, until peppers give juice and become somewhat soft. I also added dried tomatoes and they stewed all together. Let the peppers to cool down, put in the blender and blend well. Put the paste in the food mill to remove skins and seeds. It should be nice and thick. Heat again, add salt, sugar, spices to your taste, and vinegar. For large 6 quart pot, 2/3 full, I used 1/2 cup of vinegar, about 1 tablespoon of salt and 1/4 cup of sugar. But the precise amount to be determined by the user. I sterilized some of it in the jars, for the long term keeping and put some in refrigerator for immediate use. Depending on what peppers you have the sauce can be mild or hot. Do not add a lot of spices or vinegar, it will spoil the real taste of peppers.




Mrs. G. I dry some peppers for paprika too.


I love real paprika but I have never been able to grow peppers. They just do not work for me. You are lucky!


I have made a similar sauce, but my wife didn’t like it, so have not made it since. I thought it was great! I add orange juice to sweeten it a touch and to work like lemon or lime to preserve color.
She may like yours as I spice mine up with steeped bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and 1/8 tsp of cloves. Roasted garlic and a roasted hot pepper too.Brown sugar, black pepper, cider vinegar and oregano.I use it over chicken and over rice.


Packed a pint jar full of dried scorpion and habs today. I smoked these and partially dried them when I picked them. I froze them and then finished drying them this week. I wasn’t sure how well the heat would hold in the dried version so I cracked one open and tried a flake, yep still hotter than he!!


Cool, looks very nice. With what did you smoke them?

I took all my hot peppers and put them in the dehydrator overnight. Then crumbled them up and minced them up in a coffee grinder. They’re still potent, I sifted a bit of them in my chili last night and it was almost too hot.


I took them and put them in a stainless pan with holes in it made for grilling vegetables. I built a fire In the grill with pecan wood and closed the grill . Then I set the pan on top of the grill over the vent and covered it with an inverted pizza pan. Worked well, smoked the peppers but did not burn them


I have a smoker, I only use it once or twice a year, but I think i will do peppers next year with the fish I like to smoke.


Just crushed up a dried Trinidad scorpion butch t to add to my guacamole dip. I only used about half , added plenty of heat. Nice to have summer produce put away.


I threaded almost every ghost pepper I grew. They have been hanging in my basement collecting dust dry as can be Lol! I only used one of those. It just about ruined a large batch of chili I made. I might make sprays with them to keep squirrels away from fruit, or mix it with bird seed, or give it to my brothers wife when they visit. .


Growing an unidentified bell pepper I bought as a small start in December from the local hardware store. I really regret now not buying two or three more at the time, as this is the first time I’ve been using slow release fertilizer pellets and it has made maintenance a breeze as I only have to water the pot every now and then, and even that is mitigated by having heavily mulched it. Even though it’ll take a while to catch up, I liked the original’s performance so much that I bought another start after they finally restocked with them this week, looking forward to having some more bells sizing up in a couple weeks. Here’s the original start a couple days ago: