Planted out tomatoes and peppers


That’s a nice harvest of different varieties. I can’t believe you already have peppers. My plants have hardly any blooms on them, much less peppers. What is that multi ribbed pink fruit in the middle of the second pic? And the purple ones next to it?

Is the King of Siberia the same as my Korol Sibiri? One of my KS fruits is about as big as a golf ball now. The plant looks so frail and droopy, but I guess it’s healthy and green. Here is a pic:

Abe Lincoln, looks a bit pale, but the lighting is off:

Aunt Ruby German Green, no, it’s not ripe yet. Or is it? Actually, I think they are ripe when the blossom end pinks up a bit. An interesting coincidence about this plant- I have an aunt who’s middle name is Ruby and her mom (my grandma) was German. But, before you ask, no my aunt doesn’t have green hair.

Cream Sausage, I’m happy that this plant is producing a little bit. It was the plant that looked like it wasn’t going to make it after plant out, but it has hung in there. I don’t expect it to produce a lot of fruit, as it’s still not the most vigorous plant, but who knows, it may surprise me.

A Purple Russian plant, I think. Having some BER issues with this variety, maybe because all the rain we’ve had:


@subdood_ky_z6b, you have very nice tomatoes and they’ll be a treat when they ripen.
@Brenda_nearOmahaNE , thank you for your words.

I have a surprisingly colorful tomatoes this year. I did not expected it myself.
Yellows are Dina, Korol Sibiri (king of Siberia).
Yellow bicolors: Texas Star, Lucid Gem.
Many pink tomatoes: Caspian pink, Mexican, mama Alla, Korean long, Gribnoe lukoshko (Mushroom basket).
Reds: Mashenka, Maksimka, Nikola.
Blacks or purple: Black from Tula potato leaf, BFTXJTP hybrid, Black cherry.

I grow my own plants and I like to push them a bit so I can get earlier tomatoes.
I also grow my peppers. In my experience store bought peppers never set prolific harvest. I have one variety which I bought this year and it just starting to flower. The same in my neighbor’s, her peppers have no fruits.
The pepper on the picture is Jimmy Nardello. It is loaded with peppers and they really early. They are thin walled, dry and not especially tasty, but for the early peppers they are very good.


Was out in the patch this morning, just about all the 'mater’s are still mostly green, just a few of the Jaune Flamme and Purple Russian are turning a bit.

We had a big rain yesterday for about two hours, think we got maybe half an inch total. Probably didn’t hurt as it was very hot this week. The next couple days are supposed to be in the 90’s, but no real rain threat until Tuesday or so.

Because I’m a little geeky and maybe a bit wacky, I just went out to the patch in the midday heat, took my notepad, and counted the fruit on ALL 70 plants. Before I passed out from heat stroke, I counted a little over 1000(?!?!) fruit of various sizes. The largest fruits are about the size of a squashed tennis ball, on the Aunt Ruby’s, black Brandywine, and Gordost Sibiri.

The most prolific varieties are Chocolate Cherry, Mischka, Yellow Pear, Mr Bruno, Stupice, Jaune Flamme, Russian Queen and Amur Tiger. Kinda makes sense, since these are cherry/plum size varieties. The leader in the clubhouse is a Chocolate Cherry, with 62 fruit, followed by a Mr Bruno, with 52.

My Pink and Yellow Brandywine plants are being really stingy, none of them have more than 10 tom’s on them, even though the plants are pretty big. The black variety has 17 on it, tho. But, BW’s are supposedly not big producers. The Lemon Oxheart, Great White, Dr Wyche Yellow and Red Calabash plants are also not producing much, even though they’re all about 4’ plus size plants.

I also noted the disease progression on the plants, and it seems like the San Marzano, Amur Tiger and Yellow Pear are the worst, and Mr Bruno, Russian Queen, and Paul Robeson are showing a medium amount of disease. The rest of the plants are looking decent after being in the ground about two months. Mulching and pruning the lower branches probably helped quite a bit.

I’ve got to get out there and fertilize, that might help get some of the more reluctant plants to get going, but it’s just too hot right now. I’ll try to do some this evening.


Here is my boxcar willie, the plant is really big and just starting to produce ripe tomatoes.Uploading…



I’m wondering if anyone has tried growing Golden Jubilee tomato. Steve Solomon, author of Gardening When it Counts, said it was the best tasting yellow tomato. He started the Territorial Seed Company (since sold it) and used to run LOTS of trials on veggie varieties, so he has creds. I’ve been growing it and it is a big meaty nicely shaped tomato with few seeds and good taste (but I’m not really an expert.) Didn’t see it among the varities listed in this thread.


Wow Jason, that looks like a tomato tree. My neighbor down the road is growing those, but I haven’t seen how hers is doing. Aren’t they large red beefsteaks? What others are you growing?

My biggest plants are now over 6’, taller than me. I think they’re a De Barao, and Russian Queen. Doing pretty good after 6 weeks, I guess. But they’re not as massive as that one of yours.

I tried to plant the plants about 4’ apart, but some of them are already touching. It has become quite the “tomato jungle”!


No, Anne, I haven’t grown Golden Jubilee, but it seems to be a pretty popular tomato. I really like yellow/gold 'mater’s, nice and sweet, with a little tang. My favorites might be yellow Brandywine, and orange KY beefsteaks. I’m growing both of those this year again, they’re really large plants, but aren’t really producing a lot of fruit for me. The other orange/Yellow varieties we’re trying for the first time are Jaune Flamme, Korol Sibiri, Yellow Pear and Dr Wyche Yellow.


I used to try and grow a full garden but I gave it up. I now grow just one tomato in the best dirt I have. It has really done well but I think I prefer a brandy wine type.


@subdood_ky_z6b I think I would like to try the yellow Brandywine next year at your (and other’s) recommendations.
When mine are slow to show/produce I will foliar spray them and they set flowers & fruit reliably and like crazy. That slow production used to frustate me until I followed the advice of the IAL folks. I’ll PM you.
@Derby42 Holy cow Jason, that ‘bush’ is out of control, :scream:
How do you even find the tomatoes in there, LOL. I see several stakes sticking out. I have one like that (not as big) and I’ve had to stake it several times, then just gave up.
I’ve used cages for my bell peppers this year and they are much more well behaved (i.e. less needy for attention) Exception would be the chili varieties. Ancho’s get tall - haha even with ‘size control’ pruning, and the red cayennes are getting there.


Lol, the ripe ones are way back in the middle


subdood - I probably missed the explanation, but what’s with the red plastic cups? First they were on the ground, now up on the stakes, but what’s their function?


Lois, these were the cups I grew the plants in before they went into the ground. I wrote the variety of the plant on the cup to help identify it while in the cup, and later in the tomato patch. Kinda cool to think that back in March, these were little bitty seedlings, and now they’re these 6’ monsters! And they’re still growing taller than the tobacco sticks I have them staked to.



I was thinking it was some arcane growing substance


I picked a few tomatoes today, from left to right, top to bottom. Biyskaya Roza, a nice pink, seems to produce well here. Tennessee Suited - From the dwarf plant, wow, tasty! Not sure on size? First round was small. Girl Girl’s Weird Thing - wow pretty, striped, tasty! Malakhitovaya Shkatulka Green when ripe. Wow, these are really good! Sweet, low acid. Subtle taste goes well to compliment other foods. It won’t overwhelm flavor of say a tuna melt with cheese. How I ate my first one. It didn’t overwhelm the tuna taste. Very nice!


My jungle and 4 year old.

I have at least 4 that are turning red :smile: I can’t wait!


Congrats on the the new tom’s, Drew. They look nice. I am intrigued by the MS variety, where did you get the seed for it? And what and where in the world did you get Girl Girl’s Weird Thing seed?? I kind of dig the stripes.

Unfortunately, only a handful of our fruit has turned color for now. I think this heat might be doing it, it was a smooth 93 here today, hottest day of the year so far. We went to town so we didn’t do much outside today. The heat almost reminded me of TX, but it didn’t seem to be as humid today. But, I also think the heat might also been slowing down any new fruit from setting.


We have been at 95° - 100° with extreme heat warnings and indexes from 105-120 since Wednesday. Not much setting fruit right now, but forecast is calling for mid 80’s and rain chances off and on next week. I’m going camping next week so will get to show my boys the joy of playing in warm rain :grin:


That’s a big plant, Brenda, looks Yuuuge… How are you keeping it upright, looks like it’s dwarfing the few stakes you do have. Maybe you can build a tree house in it for your youngster if it keeps growing at this rate. Does he like 'mater’s?


My Mom from Tulsa has been up here visiting us for the last couple weeks for the first time since we moved here. She said this heat doesn’t bother her as much as back home. Unfortunately, she’s going home next weekend, and will have to deal with that heat again. Hopefully it will be a little more comfortable next week.