Planting cucumbers in mid-summer?

We are planning vacation this year from July 1 to July 11. Usually it is time when my cucumbers produce most of the crop. By the beginning of August they got sick and dry out. In order to get my pickles for the year I need to figure something out. I don’t think I will be able to pick and process enough before I leave , earliest I can put them in the ground is mid-May and they usually slow to start. Also, they will stay not picked for 10 days, so most likely production will decline. I can’t ask anybody to pick them as they grow in net enclosure and I wouldn’t trust anybody to properly close it back. Any hole will mean death from cucumber beetles…
Did anybody tried to plant a second crop of cucumbers in mid summer after first crop declined? How does it work from diseases perspective?

People that are seriously into cucumbers do successive plantings. You can but you should wait till they start to decline production. Start new ones about a month after the first set