Planting my first peach tree

I want to plant a peach tree from a peach I just ate. I bought it from the store. It was not sweet and was actually quite sour. It was red and looked fully ripe. My question is if I plant the pit will it produce sour peaches? I’m not sure what kind of peach it is.


It has a good chance of being similar to its parent, you never know who pollinated it but many times peaches grow true to seed. Its definitely worth planting you should look up how to stratify it, depending on where you live its as easy as setting it into the ground and next year you could have a peach but depending on where you live maybe stratifying and starting inside or a greenhouse is a better option? Can you go and buy more and post pictures?

Thank you for the information. Here is a picture too.

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What we like most however is them cut open on a plate all juicy and such!

Ah. Here you go.


I think you should ripen a few on the counter for another day or three, are they firm but have give when you lightly squeeze them? Every peach has a different stage of ripeness and its nice to try them all

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Peach fruit from the grocery stores are usually picked early,when still hard and not left on the tree,to fully ripen,to aid in shipping.Home growers have the luxury of letting them hang.
If yours grows out and still produces,something not desirable,there is the option of grafting on tasty