Planting onions

I jumped the gun with my onion order, and now Dixondale informs me it has already shipped. Forcast for this week is not auspicious for planting

So I ask myself, just WHY do they say not to put the dormant plants in soil in pots? What’s the harm involved?

Why not just plant them where you want them and cover them with a tarp to get them through the less than auspicious weather?

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That’s an option

I’m just wondering what dire consequences would result from pre-planting them

what weather are you about to have. Mine have been in the ground for about 3 weeks. Mid 20s wont hurt them. Might lose a couple small ones. I usually plant 100+ and hope for 75%

Yes, they’re hardy all right

We’re getting down to the teens with freezing rain or snow this week -frozen mud

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There is a risk, I believe, that multiple transplant shocks may cause the plant to think it has gone thru a winter and go to seed. But it would depend on a bunch of variables (like how far along with bulbing it was, temps etc).

It may be that Dixon thinks a few extra days in the fridge is less stressful then starting to grow in a pot and then being xplanted again.

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Possibly - I just wish they’d offer an explanation

As it is, I’m thinking I may pot half and leave the other half, see how each group does

I have pot them in pots and tray many times were the weather has been bad with no problems at all. Just be careful with there roots. I have put them in 2-4 inch pots and then made a hole the same size and just popped them in when the weather is warmer.

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I planted my onion sets in middle November and they are growing very well. I am in the Austin area and we have had a colder than normal winter with temps in the teens for a large part of December and January. The great things about onions though is that they produce a better crop if they are in cold weather during their early growth then have an increased temperature. The onions that I planted were the Texas 1015 Super Sweet, so they are specifically developed for this area.

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