Planting Sweet Potatoes!

Years ago, like maybe twelve, we planted sweet potatoes on raised rows 3 feet apart, in soil that had some well composted manure worked into it. We watered with drip irrigation and they did great.

Last year we grew some blue corn in the unused corner of the drip system out where the tree nursery is. I had actually bought some Painted Mountain corn to put in there this year, but hubby remembering how good those sweet potatoes were decided we should try them again.

Yesterday they used the skid steer they just bought and repaired to load and spread maybe 6 dump truck loads (what they could load easily) of manure. They tilled it into the soil out there.

By the end of the day they were ready to form up some rows with the attachment on the tiller.

Today we got up early and got to work. The big guys worked together to pull straight rows, which makes it easier to keep those 50 foot drip lines on top. The younger boys helped measure and move their guide string.

While we were out getting going, our daughter made us all a yummy breakfast of pancakes with peach sauce, lamb sausage and quail eggs. (She uses the wood cook stove as well as I do) then after a break to eat we got out and planted.

We ended up with 35 fifty foot rows. We just planted at drip emiters 24 inches apart so didn’t put in all 1000 slips, we planted 875 and will share extras with neighbors.
I am so thankful for the equipment that made getting these in a quicker job, and for the blessing of cooler overcast weather to set them out in.
We watered them in as we planted, but now the drip is running to wet that area down good.

100 plants each Bunch Porto Rico and Vardman.
125 plants each of Diane and Centennial.
425 plants of Beauregard.

Skidsteer with forks is going to make harvesting easy later! :slight_smile: I do love hydraulic “muscle!”

Here’s our good old family dog Pistol laying in the apple trees staying out of the way. He is going on 11 I think.


You will be able to feed every friend you have if they do well which I can’t see why they wouldn’t. I can’t wait to see your harvest. That’s always the most fun part. I bet you will have some huge ones with your climate and irrigation. You must have a big well. I hope they do good for your family and all those friends! :smiley:

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Huge job! What a work force! Is that a boat in the background?

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Yes, it’s an old boat we have never used. We tried to give it away but the guy never picked it up.

I just came in a few minutes ago. I was trying to do some grafting in the nursery but we were getting more then an Arizona five inches of rain…that is raindrops five inches apart. :wink:


@joleneakamama, did you ever get the bunkhouse finished? cause im coming out there to live with you guys.


Sweet potatoes are not an “Arizona “ crop. What next? okra and collards?

That dog looks suspiciously like a Black and Tan coonhound also.

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We actually do grow okra and collards! :slight_smile:
@kokopelli5A The dog is a pedigreed Leopard Cur from Bear Mountain kennels in Northern California.
We stopped when on vacation amd looked at the litter when they were 3 days old, and he has been part of the family since about 8 weeks old.
He has a solid gold disposition and has never so much as growled at anyone in his life. He has hunted and treed several lions, many coons, and the kids have also had to call him off of treeing many a neighbor’s house cat in the middle of the night!
One day some people visiting brought a dog that started chasing our chickens. Pistol tackled that big pup, but didn’t fight him. It was like he was just letting the visitor know the rules.
I have seen him sleeping in the yard before, and a new mama hen with chicks wandered close enough to see him…and she FREAKED! The poor dog was woken by this hen flying in his face in full game hen attack mode. His reaction? He stood up, walked away from the irate biddy, and flopped back down to continue his nap about 30 feet from where he had been.

People sometimes see our kids dragging him around and think he is being misstreated. Not so.
He loves to be dragged around on his back…it scratches it. When they pull him by the hind legs he rolls back and forth left and right. When they pull him by the front legs, the hind legs kick in feel good mode. He only fusses when they accidently step on his ears. Lol

He used to take off and hunt for days at a time when we had anotherhunting dog to run with him. Got snake bit once …survived. he stays home now. He also works at night and keeps the coyotes off our place. Our neighbors have lost lambs…but we have never lost a lamb from home because we have a good dog.


Had a moonlight date with my hubby last night.
I went to make sure a lamb had been cared for and hubby noticed it was mighty cold. Since it was about 35 degrees at ten we went and tucked in all those little sweet potato slips under little piles of compost. By the time we finished it was just after midnight and about 32 degrees.

Better safe then sorry. Easier to blow the compost off then replant or lose them all.


Leopard Cur. Even worse than a coonhound.

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Lol at worse!
I share your sentiments about most hunting dogs. I remember a cold windy day on which hubby and his buddy’s hounds broke out of their electrified pen. By the time we realized they were out there were dead chickens EVERYWHERE!

I could probably go on way too long about the headaches of hounds…but I still have to recognize a smart, loyal and helpful dog when I see one.

Harvest time!

In the last few days we’ve been digging sweet taters. Since a picture is worth a thousand words I’m going to upload my comments.
The hydraulic muscle worked great!

The varieties that did the best for us were the Bouregard, Vardman, and Diane.
Vardman were very fun to harvest as the taters were in compact clumps that could have been easily dug by hand.

We are curing them at 85 to 90 degrees. The humidity is supposed be around 90% but the best we have managed to do is 80 or so (81-83)
They are already tasty and will be enjoyed!

Planning on growng slips for next year. :wink:


Wow! I know your Thanksgiving will be excellent!!

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