Planting trees that are breaking bud before threat of frost has passed

I have a handful of newly arrived trees that are starting to break bud. Our last chance of frost is still aways away, typically 1st week of May. This year the weather is very odd way above normal temps for the last week. No mention of frost in the forcast. Afraid if I plant them the continued warm weather is going to push them along farther. Thoughts? Thanks!

I lost a bunch of fruit trees last yr to 23F in mid April but those had about 18 inches growth. I have some that have been pushing leaves for 6 weeks this yr. 21F has damaged the leaves but not the shoots which are only about 2 inches now. It’s all a matter of how cold, how fast the trees are growing, and how far along the growth is. Upper 20s in 4-6 weeks probably won’t hurt a thing. Low 20s might cause damage.

My experience is it depends on the type of tree. I’ve had growth on tender trees such as figs do ok with frost, although a hard freeze has killed the new growth.

I think it’s usually better to plant the tree, the cooler weather will mean slower sturdier growth, as opposed to what grows in storage conditions. I get mine in the ground as quick as I can.