Plants not leafing out in zone 5

I planted a Himrod grape and a Somerset grape on April 19. Neither has leafed out, though a scratch test shows both are very much alive.

My potted Chicago Hardy fig has also not leafed out, though a scratch test appears to show it is alive. What gives?


You seem to live in a pretty cold winter place. A month isn’t a crazy amount of time for a newly planted dormant vine to bud out.

If be patient.


I’m in zone 5 too. Newly planted grapes seem to take awhile for me. I added Brianna last month anout the same time and I just am starting to see some swelling. Give it some time.

I am still waiting for some of my plants last year to leaf out. I have 2 apples and a Prok persimmon I am slowly giving up on. I have plants that at least have green buds now that I bought. A lot of my euro pears and plums I purchased back in April are just now starting to come out. I have pawpaw I ordered that are still not out yet. At least in my zone 5 area things are being slow to come out because of the rain and cooler weather we have had. It reminds me of 2020 when trees did not start to come out until late June or July.

I’m in 6b and my fig just got leaves last weekend. I think you should wait a bit. This winter was strange.


This is normal for new grapes. I experienced the same thing this year. They did finally leaf out well after everything else.


My kousa dogwood and Prok persimmon (both planted last year) have shown no signs of life but they still have green cambium so I’m hoping it’s just delayed? My pawpaws leafed out this week but they’ve been in the ground for several years. I’m in northern IL zone 5

Same deal with me with Prok. It has green under the skin but it is not leafing out yet.

Fingers crossed it’s just a delay!

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Well, my Himrod has woken up. Here’s waiting on the other truants.

My persimmons were pushing when that hellacious frost came through a couple of weeks ago. The big ones are pushing now again, but younger ones are just sitting there. Hopefully there are dormant buds above the graft!

Leafing out late is not uncommon for Am. Persimmon though. I’ve had bare root stuff I planted that didn’t leaf out until nearly August!

I am going to let it sit for now even though it is still not leafed out. Lord knows I have enough trees anyway. I have so many trees I forget about trees I have when listing them.

I don’t know. I think you could use some more trees

If you saw my house vs my trees you would say otherwise. I think at this point I am growing about everything that can grow here outside.

Just joshing. It’s a bit of an affliction, this fruit and plant obsession

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I figured. Some people joke about not being able to stop and having too many with seeds but I am sure with us here it is plants. The good thing is after a few years my front yard is finally starting to look somewhat like a forest or jungle instead of a bunch of barren pots which was the look I was going for.

Zone 5b/6a here, everything is just leafing out for me. If it all passed the scratch test, just be patient, it’s all good.

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So speaking of the scratch test. Fig is still not leafed out. It is green when I scratch it, but its a light green. I’ve heard that could be sick/dying/dead plant. Any ideas?