Plantskyd to keep the deer away

Has anyone used Plantskyd to keep the deer away from apple trees? We planted 24 cider/heirloom varieties within a deer fence and four trees on b.118 rootstock. So far no browsing on those four with a heavy application every couple of weeks.

I have used plantskydd. As long as you have things covered it works well. But keeping coverage up continually is a huge amount of work where I am given all the rain. So I still got a fair amount of damage. A few years ago I switched to the Contech Scarecrow sprinklers, all they require is battery changes a couple times a year. I have a lot of area to cover, if you only have a small area it would probably not be too hard to keep up with the plantskydd. It is the best of the material applications I found, I tried many of them.

I have a motion activated sprinkler and its works well for Rabbits eating my flowers. It also sprays the kids and my wife yells at me too when it gets her. WalMart had them down to around $12 last fall so i bought 2 of them.


Thanks for the info! Marauding deer are so common here, sometimes they stay put when I throw pine cones at them.

Are manufactured solutions any better than a simple homemade egg-water solution?