Pleach? And bad selection at stores

Obviously not one but I found this name to be terribly lazy. Also the big box selection is really bad this year. Lowes has nothing but Red Haven and even then they are crappy shaped trees. Oh and Red delicious trees galore Glad I got the ones I wanted online back in December.


Peach trees are in short supply from what I have heard through the chatter this year.That label is almost as brilliant as the label I saw at a local, smaller Big Box store two summers in a row. It was an apple and it said semi-dwarf “Red Apple” next to the ones that said “Yellow Apple”! I couldnt believe it!

That’s what the labels of apple trees at Home Depot in my area have, too.

However, according to Johnthecook, Home Depot at Cape Cod has had such interesting apple varieties. I am talking about Home Depot stores in the same state, about 1.5 hours apart. We have no luck at Home Depot and Lowe here.

Last year my HD had similar generic label like that on their trees, but then there was a small nursery tag around the base of the trunk that indicated the variety. You couldn’t see the lower tag because it was covered by huge fluorescent paper wrapped around the trunk that only had "Fruit Tree " written on it. They really know how to run a confusing operation.

If remember correctly, my HD had trees from some nursery in Connecticut. None of them were peaches. Lowes had peaches from a nursery in Michigan. They had Red Heaven, Elberta, O’Henry, and Hale Haven. Selections are never good in my area.

This year the quality of Apple trees were bad at both Lowes and Home Depot. I did purchase a Braeburn and Cortland both were small and poorly pruned with bad branching. I’m very happy with my end of the year Sweet Sixteen and Fuji that looked half dead a little over a year ago. Both came back wonderfully and I hope to have fruit on both of them this fall.

Makes me think that they have no clue what it is so they just make a tag that will intrigue the uneducated shoppers. Ours come from Zelenka Farms formally Berry Family nursery in Gilbert Ok about 1.5 hours east of tulsa. Always the same varieties.

Mamuang, come to Newport, our HD in Middletown five minutes from my house sells all different varieties. Some labels even say ‘standard’ roostock or ‘semi-dwarf’. Most of the fruit trees they sell are semi-dwarf. I’ve never bought a tree from them. They have braeburn, gala, mac’s and others. All of the pears, plums and cherries are named as well.


Thanks for the invite. I often am hesitant to buy from HD or Lowe as I think mislabeling is more common than not. When the label said Red Apple, I was even worried that it’d turn out to be a yellow one :slightly_smiling:

I am into grafting this year. Hopefully down the road, I’d just buy rootstocks.

Very fabulous!

so everyone has trees here now. terrible selections everywhere so my wallet is happy. Homedepot only has Yellow and Red delicious apples. Some lowes didnt even get apples. HD also has these peaches only, Royal Zest Two, White zest one,White delight Two,and Flat delight one. Never heard of any of those. Google found some info saying they are Low chill developed for Texas. Lowes is the only one who has cherry and that was a couple terrible looking Bing for $30.
Pears are limited to Kieffer mostly, but im not a fan of pears.
Plums are pretty much santa rosa a few methley and some with made up names, LOL
apricots-HD has a variety but I dont recall the name.

One nursery that gets DWN trees has just a couple plums and liberty apple. I did get a grenada pomegranate to try,it was only $14 and I think I can overwinter them here.

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