Please help ID this tree

This is a volunteer tree growing in our yard. I’m glad didn’t clear it out along with the rest of the “weed trees” last year because the blooms are so showy. Here are some pics of the young tree - It’s form, flowers, new leaves, and bark. The bark is smoother than what it appears in the photo. Thanks for the help.

My option:

more double flowering peaches:
(look at the second picture)

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Thank you, Disfrutando. It certainly seems to fit the description as it has grown very rapidly and flowered young. Too bad that it sounds like double flowering peaches don’t grow tasty fruit to go along with the attractive blooms.

When I first saw it last fall, I thought it was probably a sprout from a formerly large flowering cherry that is in its death throes because of severe damage caused by a reckless tree removal crew that also destroyed a big hunk of that tea olive row directly behind the tree in my photo, a fence, and several gardens. We are all going to miss that cherry tree. It had good strong lower limbs that were perfect for hanging swings and for kids to sit in, and provided a cooling canopy of shade at the entrance to the gardens the kids designed and created when they were younger.I Anyway, I had given that one little tree a short reprieve until this year while I decided whether to keep it or eliminate it. I was surprised when it blossomed unlike anything I see around here. I know very little about distinguishing one fruit tree from another at this stage of growth, but was leaning toward peach at this point.

I think it might have the potential to grow into an attractive tree. Now, I’ll have to find an appropriate place for it and hope that we can manage to successfully get it transplanted out of that spot and established elsewhere. If those blooms set any fruit, I will leave a few and have a better idea of what it is in a few months. Being impatient, I was hoping you more knowledgeable folks would have better educated guesses than I. Your reply is appreciated more than you know. Thank you.

Beautiful flowers!

Thanks, IL847. I’ll be happy to give anyone scions from this as they are available, if they are interested in the unknown/unnamed cultivar with no known characteristics other than beautiful white flowers, rapid growth, tolerance to high heat and humidity, and tolerance to winter fluctuations in temperature from the 70’s to lower teens.

Love the tree Muddy. Please keep us posted as to the fruit that sets. It does look like either a white peach or white nectarine to me.

Muddy, Thanks. Put me in for next year scions. I need to practice grafting this year. Exciting, can’t wait for the trees to wake up