Please identify this mushroom


Can you identify this mushroom. The top is heart shaped and the underside is a rather bright yellow. That yellow looks poisonous. Is it edible?


If instead of gills,the underside has pores like a sponge,then the mushroom is probably a Boletus type and edible.
Be sure though.There is a saying in identifying,"When in doubt,throw it out."Brady


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NO! Don’t eat it. Not all boletes are edible, and there are mushrooms that can kill you. That’s not one of them, but it’s not a choice edible so definitely not worth messing with.


i concur. a type of bolete. without my book i can’t give a precise species. we get a lot here in mid july.


yes. some of them may not kill you but you would wish you were dead! :wink:


First, definitely don’t eat it, and I would say don’t eat it even if someone on a web site of shroom pros id it since I wouldn’t trust an ID just from a photo. There are many, many types of Boletes and some that have yellow pores are edible and some are definitely not. There are a lot of look alikes and look close mushrooms that make it easy to mistake deadly for delicious. Even the delicious and sought after “King Boltete”, Boletus Edulis, which is white/buff/grey underneath has a poisonous cousin that looks very similar.

I’m far from an expert, but spent some years as a teen learning about mushrooms and searching for different kinds in the woods. Even after a lot of time at it I would only eat 4 different kinds which were very easy to identify and didn’t have a deadly look alike.


It has no gills, just pores. But, I’m not eating it. Even if there was a unanimous yes it’s ok I’d be so scared I would make myself sick. I have a hose that runs through some woods and the hose leaks there and has created a patch of these things.


i have 5 60 ft. norway spruce in my back yard. i get about 30 king boletes that usually pop up under them come mid july. they have a symbiotic relationship with most spruces. my neighbor is polish so i keep some and give the rest to him. never seen anyone so happy to get a bucktfull of mushrooms! he’s been asking if any have came up yet. should be a good flush this year as its been pretty wet lately. my neighbor had a flush of horse mushrooms on his lawn. some had 10-12in. wide caps! got about a doz. took the stems and put in a blender to make a slurry. mixed that into some compost. dung a hole in a wet spot on the lawn under my weeping willow. filled it w/ compost/ slurry. topped w/ a in. of topsoil then clover seed maybe ill get my own patch this year :wink:


Is the top of the cap slippery (like snot) when you get it wet?


Not sure on the slippery top, I’ve thrown it away. I found it on Wikipedia, it’s a Boleyinellus metulipides, ash tree bolete. Yes, it is growing in a grove of Ash trees.
It is non poisonous but I’m still not going to eat it.


It looked a lot like a slippery jack: not going to hurt you if you eat them, also abundant here in the fall but kind of like eating a slug.