Plinias in exile

As part of my project to acquire better genetic markers of lesser studied fruits, I’m also collecting fruiting Plinias - a genus of plants from central and south America. My collection so far includes one or more of the following. The ‘Paulista’ and Cambuca are planted in the front yard and the remainder are potted in our sunroom. At some point I’d also like to plant one of the Sapucaias in the ground.

Plinia aureana ‘Branca’
Plinia cauliflora ‘Paulista’
Plinia coronata ‘Coroada da Restinga’
Plinia coronata ‘Coroada’
Plinia edulis ‘Cambucá’
Plinia inflata
Plinia jaboticaba ‘Sabará’
Plinia jaboticaba ‘Pingo de Mel’
Plinia oblongata ‘Azeda’
Plinia phitrantha ‘Sapucaia’
Plinia phitrantha ‘Branca Vinho’
Plinia phitrantha ‘Phitrantha Branca’
Plinia rivularis ‘Guaburiti’
Plinia spiritosantensis Veludo’
Plinia sp. nov. ‘Caipirinha’


Wow, you’ve been busy Richard. Interesting projects.


You’re an incredible person. I’ve always admired you. Take it as a compliment.

You’re so interesting.

I’m glad you’re still with your lady.



Cooling their heels after a bath and foliar spray with N-pHuric acidifier, 20-10-20 fertilizer, and Exirel systemic pesticide. I will keep them outside until the pesticide re-entry interval has passed.

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36 to date.

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