Pluerry Advice Needed for NorCal 8A

I was looking on here to find information on a Pluerry varieties.

Are they easier than cherries to grow?

I love cherries and plums and pluots, but I have not tried the pluerry fruits you all talk about.

From reading about them here, looks like Candy Heart is a good choice for me, judging from my opinions below?

I love the texture and flavor of Flavor Grenade pluots.

I also loved Honey Punch pluots (also same vendor) but cannot find a tree to buy.

I tried Geo Pride, Black Kat and Dapple Dandy from the same vendor and was not impressed. I would not plant a tree of any of those for myself.

I sure hope I end up loving the Flavor Supreme pluot I already have in the ground but have never tried lol.


They are more like growing Plums and Pluots than Cherries.

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Does that equate to “easier”?

I have quite a few trees and more on order, buy I am a total newby.

My experience includes a Meyer lemon that was already at a house I bought and a Kaffir lime, that I got to make Thai dishes with.

Easier is kind of a subjective word.It might depend on location.
Cherries grow,where I’m at,but my experience is limited to,when my parents had a tree,which they didn’t manage and still had fruit for the birds.I remember going to a vacant lot and there were two huge trees,which could be climbed into,with beautiful fruit.
Also,any time Zaiger names something like Pluerry,Pluot or Aprium,the first few letters,are the dominating type.
I guess,every plant has its strengths and weaknesses.Some fungal,others insects.

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