Plum Bark Grafts

I did all my grafting about two weeks ago, topworking some plum and peach trees with some new plum varieties. Most of my w&t and splice grafts are pushing leaves, but the bark grafts I did for the bigger stumps are not showing signs of life. What are your most successful grafting methods for plum scions to larger peach or plum branches? Should I regraft the lingering scions to save them or give them more time where they are at?

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I would wait and see if the scions are drying before re-grafting. This is the first year I tried a lot of bark grafts and I pretty much got 100% success (so far!). I used this variation of the traditional technique (aside from not worrying about sap on stone fruits). Thanks @Evdurtschi for the amazing tutorial.

The growth is similar to my other grafts - W/T and cleft.

I just asked a similar question about some barks on pear. Iā€™m at 70% for the moment, but the ones doing nothing are not looking good.

I did cleft and bark on several plum trees as well. Mine kind of went according to the varieties being grafted. Most varieties had 100%, while a couple varieties all grafts failed.