Plum curculio management under net cover

I made net cover for my apricot tree. Last year despite the cover I got some PC damage. It could happen two ways. First, my net was not very tight, I was doing it against moths, not PC. Second, PC could be overwintering under the tree, and net was a little help in this case. I did the netting much tighter this year(I hope), but I still need to protect against possibly emerging PC. I can spray sevin or pyrethrin I already have, or by something else that is sold for home owners. I can spray now or later. I also can probably spray woodchips that cover soil under the tree. But weather going to be rainy whole week long, not sure how much help the spray will do. The fruitlets now are in the stage of just after petal fall. What would be a proper strategy?

You need to watch night temp for PC. Once it gets over 60 F, it’s time.

Tonight we will go down closer to freezing. Never mind the PC, I won’t emerge from my house, either :smile:


Could you tie the net around the tree trunk so the PCs couldn’t come up from the ground into the tree?


Unfortunately no, I can’t. The tree is small and not very stable on roots. It has ties going from the point where scaffolds start, so no place to tie the net.

How did this experiment ever turn out for you?

I didn’t have any crops to cover for these two years. :grinning: