Plum ID Help Needed

This was supposed to be methley. It’s clingstone ripening early august 7A.

Not methley, but not unhappy either. Taste great, just small. Kind of candy fruity flavor.


Hi Robert,
Perhaps Toka given your description of clear stone and candy like taste. But the shape is not quite what this pic shows, maybe compare the foliage with Toka,

You may be right. I looked at several descriptions of Toka and it does look like it. Just missing the bubble gum flavor.

Does it grow in a plum thicket? I have about 5 varieties of Prunus Americana that is clear stone and very sweet & tasty, the fruit of one variety resembles the shape of yours

and when fully ripe has a similar color. See pic.

Starting to question if I like these or not. They have like a synthetic candy taste. Picked a little early had a better taste with a little tang.