Plum I'd request

Anyone have an idea what variety this plum could be? Labelled “black plum” at the store in vancouver canada but from usa. Moderately sweet with a distinct subtle five-alive coolaidy flavor. Dripping wet juicy. No acid.


since I’m not aware of any red fleshed EU plums. I’d guess it’s a Asian plum.

You could lookup red fleshed Asian plums, and see if you find something similar.

Asian plums tend to flower really early though. So if you get a mild winter followed by late frosts they don’t fruit well.

There is a possibility that it’s a Plumogranate.They are sold this time of year.Was there a label from Family Tree Farms?

I’d love to find plumogranate tree or scionwood. What a great complex flavored fruit that is. To me it really does taste of pomogranate and and also has the flavor of red wine.

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I don’t recall…i just remember the small sticker with “usa” on it. Next time, I’ll remember to take a shot of the sticker.