Plum/Pluot seedling in trouble?

Hi guys,

I have a flavour king offspring that is sprouting.

To my horror I see that the stem/root is broken just below the kernal. It looks like it is hanging on by a thread.
The plant seems to grow like normal, but will it pull through?

Anyone who has seen this before? any experience with this?

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I hope it does pull through, and I also hope the fruit it produces is up to par with the parent.

@Richard yeah I hope so too. It will never be identical to the parent, but it will be close. I guess it depends on the pollination partner in the orchard it grew. This was an experiment with a Pluot from the grocery store.

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I’ve seen fruit offspring range from poor to great in flavor. A prime example of the latter is Beauty Plum … seedling of Santa Rosa. :slight_smile:

Sadly it died…