Plum root suckers

This spring there are many more root suckers coming from a Valor plum, all around the tree and extending out. What does this say about the tree’s health?

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I’m no expert but I’d guess it has something to do with what rootstock it has

Well what your talking about like Jimmy said is related to your rootstock some sucker profusely when they get older and it doesn’t mean much for the top of the tree.

Pictures would help for the top of the tree and if you planted it ideally they told you what the rootstock is. If they do not list the rootstock that is something that would stop many on here from buying the tree as it can be the most important part.

Like Richard and Jimmy said. Myself, I’ve used volunteer rootstocks from unknown plums to start new trees with. Just dig down, cut them off, and graft something new on top. If your rootstock happens to be Marianna, which is notorious for suckering, you can start lots of different stone fruit on it, and that may be true for some unknown root also.

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