Plums 2022

Just had the best plum of the year–Empress (pictured). Found it under the tree. Dead ripe amazing!

Asian plums were a bust this year due to the record cold temps in April. (Well I did find 1 small Santa Rosa.) Most Green Gages yet though and a good number of Opals and Imperial Epineuses too. My French Prunes (Sugar plums) were consistently plentiful again and the largest crop out of all my fruit.


Agree it’s probably the overall best we have yet. I was lucky to inherit a mature tree on my property line with a very agreeable neighbor. So I planted a Stanley shortly after building our home which also now is a 21 year old tree and it’s fruit is a bit smaller, but between these two we have the perfect combination of an eating plum and a jelly plum.
Kent, wa

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The only gripe I have w it is how long I have to wait for it to get like this!

I’m in zone 8a so I think our zone must be a bit warmer than yours, ours were fully ripe by mid August

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Here are the last of my plums for the year. More Empress.