PLUMS I am considering

Anyone with opinions on these plums ? I need info fast before they are all gone. I already have a lot of European , Japanese and Hybrids but I am considering adding some more…but I don’t want to add them if they are not high grade…I would rather get more of the ones I already have or get other ones I don’t have that are better.
Kahinta ( hybrid)
Purple Heart (hybrid) (cant find any info at all except where they are selling it)
Seneca (European)
Yakima (European)

Robert Purvis Nursery descriptions:

Kahinta: Somewhat spreading tree, good pollenizer for other hybrid plums, fruits ripen early to mid September in Idaho. Fruit is medium to large, dark-red tart skin, amber clingstone flesh, keeps well in refrigerator.

Seneca: Tree is upright, precocity average, partially self-fertile, blooms with Opal but ripens late Aug. in SW Idaho. Fruit is very large, reddish purple skin, oval shape, attractive; flesh is amber, firm, fine-grained, quality good; fruit is slightly susceptible to brown rot under MN conditions. Excellent for fresh eating and drying.

Yakima: Upright vigorous tree, requires another European plum as pollenizer, fully hardy at -30F and among the hardiest European plums known. Fruit is very large, mahogany-red, flesh freestone, yellow, firm, sweet, very good quality, ripening in early September in east-central MN.


Here’s what a member PlumHillFarm had to say regarding Purple Heart Plum a few years ago on the gardenweb forum.

“We are setup up for sequential ripening with over 70 plum varieties. The favorite of our customers by far is Purple Heart, medium sized Japanese which is purple all the way thru with outstanding flavor. It requires multiple picking over a couple of weeks but stores very well for a Japanese”

Also, among the top favorite of mine.


Thanks so much…was this John Bunker that made these comments ?

it is often hard to decipher what people write about fruit…I see catalogues with words like “mild” and “rich” in the same sentence…in my opinion “rich” = “outstanding flavour”…and “mild” although it may be intended to indicate lack of astringency or other ’ unpleasant ’ characteristics …to me… indicates bland…sweet plums are wonderful…nobody wants to bite into fruit and get a whole lot of nothing and fibre…but in my opinion the sourness of the skins and in some cases the flesh add to the overall …I like tart things…I also like sweet…but I don’t want a plum that is like a persimmon…which are wonderfully sweet but almost entirely without a discernable flavour…I want flavour !!

Purple heart is really good,my favorite out of all the asian hybrids I grow. For more info, search the forum and you will see my posts on it.

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Thank you…I did see those online I was wondering if anyone is growing them and has personal experience with them ?

Awesome…ok Im sold…so strange that there is no info available but the catalogue (whiffletree) and the few people Ive heard from are using words like “favorite”

Yakima is one of Bob Purvis’ favorite plums! I’m ordering it from him.

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Also wondering about the 2 Europeans Seneca and Yakima…anyone know how black knot susceptible they are ? (relative to other European plums…I know they are ALL susceptible)