Plums, plumcots, persimmons, pears in marshall, va

Anyone have experience growing any good varieties of pears, persimmon(American and/or asian), plums or plumcots near marshall, va area? How was the quality of the fruits? Are there other fruits known to thrive around that area? Pawpaw maybe?


You should be able to
have any temperate climate fruit you desire.
(If you can spray for insects/diseases, at least).

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Iā€™m pretty close to you near the state line west of Leesburg. I grow everything and some that do not grow here. Everything you listed will grow just fine. I caution on the stone fruits though. The east coast has brown rot and it is really bad in our area. If you decide to grow stone fruit you will be doing some heavy spraying. As to your final question. Pawpaw, american persimmon, black and white walnuts all grow wild locally. Where I live there are thousands of wild pawpaw.