PNW Blackberries Growing in the South

Anybody in the south successfully growing Columbia Giant or any of the newer ARS varieties from Oregon like Eclipse, Galaxy or Twilight?

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Newer varieties mentioned above have a release date of 2020; perhaps too recent to have a forum member’s fruiting history, unless they were acquired with numerical designations before receiving their current release names. Columbia Giant has been around for a few years.

Good point about the short time horizon. Galaxy was released for trial in various parts of the country as a research number in 2008. I made an inquiry to NCSU which was one of the test locations but have not received a reply yet.

Since some folks here are involved with breeding blackberries and I’m hoping some may have tested these new varieties before they were named.

I’m pretty sure Columbia Giant would not tolerate my weather but the newer ARS introductions have an east coast parent so perhaps they would do better

I am thinking about trying Columbia Sunrise here in TN zone 7a next spring… per OGW site they are ok down to -10… which should work here now days.

I saw -17 here back in the mid 80’s best I remember… but not sure we will see that again.

They are supposed to be very early… and should ripen and finish b4 SWD get here.


I have Newberry and it is a great fruit but struggles here. I think mine would do better in part shade, the heat in this area hurts it. It also puts out very low quantity of fruit, the great taste is the only reason I keep it.

Thank you for the info. Are you in SC?

I have not heard back from my extension agent so I may have to run my own test to see how they will do in my climate.

I am in SC.