PNW performance of pluerry, Hollywood, emerald beaut, adara

Anyone here know of anyone growing the following in pacific northwest and how well they’re doing fruitwise?:

-pluerry(candy heart),
-emerald beaut

Emerald Beauty proved to be too late a plum for me in the San Juans. Late September often coincides with fall rains, consequently fruit splits or rots before ripe.
We have such dry summer weather, great for earlier plums. My best are: Oblinaja, Imperial Epineuse, Shiro, Hollywood, Italian plum.


Could u tell me if the Imperial Epineuse and Shiro is needs cross pollination, partial or self fertile? i have seen mix info online about them.thank you!

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Since Imperial Epineuse is a European plum and Shiro is a Japanese plum, according to info, they would not cross pollinate. Since I have many other European and Japanese plums, I’m not sure how each would do on its own.