Polinator for lang

Hello everyone, i would like to ask you if you can advice good polinator for lang.

Currently i have
Coco (not sure if its available in us, small one and not sure what flowering type it is, but it already have few fruit)
Lang (very nice tree with lot of flowers and no fruit :slight_smile: AM flowering type)
Redlands (small one and i think its PM flowering type)
Gigante (probably not available in us or its sold under different name. Its PM flowering type with fruit like Li, later rippening than lang, basically no thorns and full of fruit and probably self fertile)

I can buy li, sovetskij, sugar cane, dong zhao (winter delight), Xuan Cheng Jian (no idea what is it), ga-866, ja-tsao, kitajskij 2a(probably not available in us), sihong, shanxi li, halina (probably not available in us)