Pollinated vs Unpollinated Kaki persimmons

I’m curious about people’s experience growing Asian persimmons with and without male flowers present. I see some vague insinuations online that pollinated kaki fruits are somehow superior to unpollinated fruits.

I understand that there are clear differences for pollination variant non-astringent varieties. My question is more about pollination constant non-astringent and astringent varieties.

I also understand that males result in an increase in seeds within fruits. My question is more about whether flavor or other fruit qualities are improved by pollination.


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I can’t speak from firsthand experience yet - none of my Asian persimmons are pollinated - but my understanding is that the flavor and fruit quality of pollination constant Asian persimmons will be unchanged if they are pollinated and seeded.

However, I’ve read pollination in Asian persimmons can lead to higher yields, potentially to the point of overbearing. If the trees sets and holds too much fruit, all the fruit will be smaller. Some of my Asian persimmons (like Giombo for example) are prone to alternate or biennial bearing, and I would suspect that tendency could be aggravated by pollination causing larger yields.


I have experience only with Ichi Ki Kei Jiro, unpollinated. There is huge fruit drop each summer, but the tree is left with plenty of fruit. This year I harvested ~100 from each of 3 seven-year old trees – with no manual thinning. That seems perfect.

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My unpollinated Asian persimmons always drop a lot of small fruit too, especially young trees. They seem to be able to naturally thin themselves to the number of fruit that the tree can handle. Again, I don’t know firsthand if pollination leads to the trees holding onto more fruit, but it’s supposed to lead to higher yields. That might be undesirable if you’re already getting high yields like @jrd51 !

I’ve experienced pollinated kaki fruit. Not for me, it was totally full of seeds.
Can’t recall the taste as IMHO it was inedible with all those seeds. I made
the mistake of grafting one branch of chocolate on one tree. It made 100
pounds of saijo fruit full of seeds.