Pomegranate cuttings getting too tall. What to do?

I rooted pomegranate cuttings this past winter. A few made it. A couple end up with one or two 2+ ft long shoots.

What am I supposed to do? Can I just trim them down to the height I want. I do not want to kill them. (I rooted cuttings once in the past. They branched out normally).

These new cuttings just want to grow straight up instead of branching out.

Any advice is appreciated.

Here is the pic.

You can trim them back. Things grown indoors tend to to grow fast trying to find sunlight, makes them tall and “leggy”. Slowly transition it outside will help.

Thanks C5. Our weather has been up and down, mostly down so far. It is difficult to acclimate tender plants.

My bananas got sun burn even with gradual acclimation. Jasmine and bouganvillea are not happy.

Even my figs do not like this unpredictable weather, either.