Poms starting to leaf out!


Looks like my Wonderful is starting to wake up and leaf out :slight_smile:


You’re in a great location for that cultivar :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m hoping for fruit this year, (3rd year). I think I pruned off all the new growth last year trying to train it lol.


The third year is when they start to produce. I picked my last Wonderful Pom in mid December. It was soooo tasty. Store bought is a joke, not even close to home grown.


Can’t wait.
It’s looked healthy from day 1, but just a bloom or 2 per year that would fall off.


Don’t skimp on water or fertilizer.


That may have been a contributor. I’ve always heard poems love hot, and dry. So I would only water once every 2 weeks. And fertilize once a year.


They tolerate hot and dry – at the cost of fruit production.


Oddly enough, I actually put poms in my drainage path a long time ago because I heard they are flooding tolerant. They have grown like weeds, and they fruit heavily but with almost inedible fruit. I am going to try to graft them to Wonderful and Angel Red this year.


Thanks for that advise.
I’ll be sure to not make the same mistake this summer.