Poorly Producing Quince

I inherited what I think is a quince tree (pictured below) however the fruit it sets grow to about the size of a marble and no larger. Is this a case of poor pollination? I am considering removing it next year if it again does not produce this year. If it is a quince I was considering possibly taking a chance and learning to graft to it. I wonder what others would do in my situation

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It may be a decorative quince (bummer!). How big is the tree? Perhaps it’s just a bit overgrown and would respond well to some pruning over the next couple years?

You could graft pear (or loquat if you live in a mild climate) on it. It’s an established tree, definitely try grafting it over to something else if you decide to remove it. It would also be helpful if you could post a picture of the whole tree.

Picture of whole tree. It seems the right size for a full size quince.


I’m certainly not an expert, but I wonder because it is surrounded by rock, if it is not getting some type of nutrient it needs.

As I said thought, I’m no quince expert. I do have one but it is a bush form because it is so cold here. Yours is a nice size. Is it in full sun? Do you have any other quince varieties nearby? Mine is three years old, obviously much younger than yours. Mine has not set fruit yet though it has flowered every year. I have started to wonder if they really need a pollination partner.

I’m convinced that some quince varieties are self incompatible and for a good fruit set require cross pollination from a different variety. This could be the case with this one.

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