Popcorn Cross

Thought I would share my first attempt at popcorn breeding with the folks on here. My wife and I certainly ate more this year stuck at home during the pandemic.

Here are my best ears from a F1 cross of Amish Butter x Appalachian Sweet Flint. Amish Butter aka Pennsylvania Butter Flavored is white and available from various sources such Southern Exposure Seed. Appalachian Flint is yellow that I got from Anson Mills that is a heirloom they sell for popping, not as seed.

I wanted a popcorn that had better stalk strength than Amish Butter. I grew Appalachian last year and it showed thicker stalks and good disease resistance. I like the flavor of AB the best so I decided to cross them.

Plants showed strong vigor and withstood thunderstorms and I ended up with 8 foot tall plants with 2 full ears. There were various silk colors and some ears overshot their husks in the rainy summer here.

I selected the tighest husks and largest seed to grow for next year.

I just started sampling various ears and the kernels pop well with great flavor. Of course I may be a bit biased since they were my cross but the wife didn’t know they were special when she commented on how good they were.



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