Possibly first snow fall this Friday. My Figs, Pawpaws, Jujubes and Hybrids persimmon are ready for it

All their leaves are turning yellow.



I defoliated my Multigrafted Hybrids persimmon to harden the bark about a week and a half ago.


Beautiful yard and mums Tony!:blush:

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Snow already? Yikes! Earliest snow I remember in the recent years was for Halloween. No frost here yet. Just one night in upper 30’s. In fact I picked some beans today. Still some left, but they probably won’t size up. A cool wave is heading our way.
Love your neat looking front yard.

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The Weatherman predicted a 40% chance of light snow and the day high temp will be 41 degree and the night temp low will be 33 degree this Friday. I will be bringing the figs into the unheated shelter this weekend and let them rest until late March of 2018.


And my pawpaws are still green. We have different microclimates in the same city. It doesn’t mean though that my garden will escape snow or frost. I am picking all green tomatoes and peppers and whatever else is frost sensitive.


Beautiful Tony!

We’ve had lows in the mid 30’s. Very early here to see frost weather.

seems like you’d still have some figs ripening just in time before a whiteout.

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I leave mine out till it’s about 28F at night. I want them well hardened and for sure dormant before putting them in my garage as it will be warmer in there, They could keep growing if not well frosted and dormant. Most of mine are in cloth containers, so no worries of cracking pots.

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