Potato update

Patch looks good. Plants have sprawled and vined to the point I can’t really tell one row from the next anymore. I’ve noticed that of three varieties I’m growing, Kennebec, German Butterball, and Desiree, that German Butterball appears to be a much less vigorous plant, and both other varieties seem to be over taking it somewhat. The GB is in the middle row.


I’ve only seen one Colorado potato beetle so far, although there are a few holes in the leaves, and I’ve seen a bunch of these things that look like tiny little shiny flies.

There is something causing a few of the leaves of the German Butterballs to dry up. Not sure what it is.


I don’t know what the issue is but I have seen the exact same symptom with my raspberries last year and this year. I cut out the wilted parts once a week and the plants do fine.

I’m concerned with the very hot weather we had in May. My potatoes are flowering now, but believe that around flowering time is when the heat can cause problems with tuber formation

This was just before I piled on the straw, which I wish I’d done sooner

Check for mites.

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I planted red potatoes and fingerlings last year. I’m guessing I didn’t get them all last fall because I have plants coming up in one of my beds this year. Never expected potatoes to overwinter in Michigan…

Any bets on whether they are the reds or fingerlings?


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Harvested about 30# from 2 little patches. Reds were much more productive than the Bintje, but the Bintje were much easier to process as the skins were smoother (no eye dimples). Canned 21 qts - quick & easy for winter meal additions. And have plenty of seed left over for another go later this year.
I have a volunteer from who knows when coming up. Think I’ll see how it does in our heat.