Poveshon cider apple

Has anyone seen scions available for this variety? Thought to be rediscovered in western New York in 2015.

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The guy you’re looking for is Wesley Stokes. Pomiferous, the website, used to have a comments section and people could comment upon the descriptions of cultivars. Mr. Stokes responded to the description for Poveshon, identifying himself and noting he had scion available. I replied about a year after he had commented and provided his email. I only replied to his comments asking if he still had scion available, but not contacting him by the email he had posted. He never replied and unfortunately Pomiferous has deleted the comments function for the cultivars. Try posting in NAFEX or North American Scion Exchange to see if anyone has the cultivar or contact information for Wesley Stokes. If you find it, please let me know, I’d like this one too !


So far everyone is telling me Poveshon and Graniwinkle are one and the same. I’m just not sure about that. The Poveshon pictures on pomiferous look quite dissimilar to all the Graniwinkle pictures I’ve seen.

I’m with you, they’re two different varieties, the question is was the variety Stokes found on his property in Western NY really Poveshon? If I recall correctly, he was working with a cider producer to begin propagating the apple he found, and I believe he was looking into some DNA testing too. There’s been no follow up from him that I know of, which leaves me wondering if it wasn’t Poveshon after all. To the best of my knowledge the variety was considered lost before his discovery. New Ark Farms was actively seeking Poveshon, they may be a good source to contact to see if they know if it has been found and/or provide an opinion on the Stokes tree. Ironbound Farm is another that was seeking the variety. Check out this article: Finding Lost Apples and Reviving a Beloved Cider - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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Hi Andy and Brian, I’m the guy with the trees. I’ve recently retired and now have time to really start working on my trees. They have not been producing many suitable sprouts for grafting the past couple of years and I plan to go up to NY to see if there are any available. I also plan to try a couple of air grafts to see how that works. A little history on the trees is that I had been in touch with the late Tom Burford about them and also with Dan Bussey. I also had DNA test done by UC Davis that showed 0-match with any known variety. I’ll keep an eye on this thread and will stay in touch. Thank you for your interest in the apple. – Wes


Thank you for the reply Wes! Looking forward to hearing how the progress goes.

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Can’t thank you enough for your reply Wes. Exciting update on the DNA, look forward to hearing how things progress, best of luck to you!

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