Pre-storage treatment of apples

I need to prepare a whole bunch of apples for longer term storage(2-3 months).

Are there any steps I should take in preparing the apples?

One method I was told is to wash, dip in lemon juice or vinegar solution, dry & store.


I handle them as little as possible and try to get them spread out a single layer deep. Never store apples with breaks in the skin. I have kept apples until spring that way. I do not wash them or do anything special except pick out the ones that turn bad asap. If you must store them in a barrel go through them every few days gently and look for bad ones “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel”…



I’ve saved many of those shaped plastic trays that you get at Costco so many will be stored like eggs in their own spot .


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Excellent idea with the trays, I have heard the old timers used a anti fungal of some type to store foods longer though I’m not at all sure it was safe or what it was. Perhaps the lemon juice is for that purpose and I know vinegar is antibacterial.

I handle them gently throughout the process, and put them in 15" or 19" poly bread bags, and I do stack them three or four to a layer until the bag is full. Tie it up tight with a twist tie and refrigerate in the low 30’s. No washing or special treatment. I’ve had them keep well into late winter this way. Even Liberties and Macs will store, although they’ll usually become mealier. I think some people might use carbon dioxide gas to displace the oxygen, and if you have a canister of co2 that would be very easy; I haven’t tried it yet.