Price of bearing age trees

I have the opportunity to purchase some bearing age fruit trees from my neighbor before she moves. I have the ability to move them and replant them with a tree mover. Would some of you give me your input on value of bearing age trees? Persimmon 10 foot tall with a 15 ft canopy most likely Japanese the fruit is very pretty. Granny Smith Apple 20 ft tall large trunk and great shape. Unknown plum peach and nectarine. All over 10 ft with large trunks and canopies. Two 20 ft almonds covered in almonds. Obviously I won’t move these until they are dormant. All price opinions welcome. I am guessing these trees are 6 or 7 years old.

They won’t be worth anything to me. The expense of moving them would be considerable. Then they may die and almost certainly will die back unless cut back ahead of time and very well cared for next yr. Big pecans are moved with a large tree spade. But they are cut back one yr before being moved. So they are moving a once 20ft tall tree that’s about 8-10ft before moving. And that 8ft is basically stubs covered in water sprouts.

You think they will die back even if moved with a big spade?

I see you are in Lubbock. I’m in Alpine and spent 30 yrs in Amarillo. So I know your climate well. Summers are pretty dry and hot.

I’d think those 20ft trees will die back even watered every day for the next yr. You’d be better to cut them back instead to save stress on the tree. Even using a big spade you are removing 98% of the root volume.


Even moving with a spade you’ll have lots of root loss. That requires a reduction in the top growth. Plus, the roots have to reestablish in the new site, and that takes up a good part of the stored energy, even when dormant.

Fruitnut, Alan, and others know a lot more about this from experience than I do. I’ve only moved some good sized bushes. Never trees that size.

Ok well I am still interested in moving them so anyone care to attempt to put a price on them. She has pretty well left that part up to me. If they aren’t moved they will most likely be chopped down so the only loss will be my money, effort and time.

Fruitnut I know alpine some of my family lived there in the 70s and 80s. Did you pick it or did it pick you?

I wouldn’t take them if they were given.

Plant new ones.

I picked it for my greenhouse fruit operation. It was a good choice.

They aren’t worth any more than a new bare root tree, $20. In fact I don’t think they are worth that. But you might get fruit sooner than a new tree by investing lots of time and money. $50 each would be very generous but most people selling probably won’t see it that way.

Yes I am afraid you are correct. I have 60+ fruit trees already I thought it would be a neat project I will attempt to move the two almonds for sure just because those are so uncommon in Lubbock that I’d like to have them. I am planning on a couple of bareroot almonds as well next year in case my experiment fails Thanks for your input

I agree with Fruitnut. The value is nothing. You do however, owe her a karmic debt such as helping her pack. Two words of advice: Tape gun.

There is a saying I heard which describes the general opinion…

" I wouldn’t buy them with your money"


The almond

A few others

Firewood… I’d buy new trees. The amount of work digging/planting/pruning…the possibility that they could at any moment just die… The last pic there…that tree must have a ginormous root system under it…probably a 10+ year old tree. BUT…its your time, sweat, tears, medical bills, therapy sessions :slight_smile: :slight_smile: j/k

They are bearing fruit now…but once moved…it could be years (if they survive) before they bear again. Young trees grow so fast given mulch/water and ferts… You have a good warm climate…growth would be very quick.

Thanks for the input. It could
Be an interesting experience.

In this area they would use a tree puller and the cost would be $100 plus the tree cost. It’s done with 20’ oak trees here for $200. People seem to have good luck with it.

I have the tree spade already so the cost of moving the tree is my labor

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They look so nice where they are…why do they have to go?

Is the ground have a lot of rock in it?

I would say $100 would be my estimate of the cost. The first year they bear which will be a couple you will recoup your cost.

Best thing you can do is go for it and in a few years prove all the naysayers wrong!

I’m just an old man who gets tired getting out of bed in the morning…these old bones don’t work like they use to (all 36 years of them :wink:)

It’s funny she says that people looking to purchase the house think it has too many trees cluttered together. I would rather they stayed but I don’t want to see them cut down.

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