Primocane wilts during day

I have 2 new Jewel black raspberries. One of them has a single new primocane. The other has two. This first one below, the primocane wilts in bright sun (the entire growth tip about four inches down wilts over) and perks up at night in
or in clouds/shade (soil is moist). It has done this for a few days. Leaf color is a bit darker and “off” compared to the other one. It’s mostly turgid in this pic. The second one (second pic below) does not wilt.

you getting some warm days or alot of rain recently? primocanes are more sensitive to heat/ moisture as theyre younger. they should be fine as they get older.

It was close to 90 yesterday.

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keep a eye on them but raspberries dont like anything over 80f. id put some shade cloth to shade them in the afternoon if it continues to be a issue. could cause sunscald on the fruit as well. keep well mulched and water well in the morning will help them cope.

Did it again today and only got to 64°. It was sunny, though.

maybe too wet lately? growth looks healthy. what kind of soil are they in? does it drain well? i plant mine on mounds as my clay soil holds alot of water. even 6in above ground level makes a big difference. i add alot of perlite to soil when planting.

Very well drained, and not much rain lately. I watered them a few days ago.

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