Promalin latex paint mixture. Storage?

Wondered if anybody has stored your Promalin latex paint mixture for a few days? I mixed up a small batch today and know that I will need it again in a few days. I hate to dispose of it and just have to mix a new batch. Experience or links to information would be appreciated. Thanks.

I see no reason at all why that wouldn’t work. Go for it


May I ask where I can purchase promalin in a small package? I want to use it for promoting young sweet cherry tree branching.

Thank you

Depends on what you consider small quantities? I buy it a pint at a time from Midwest Growers Supply.

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You can make your own generic Maxcel for cheap. Buy 6-BAP on eBay. Maxcel is 1.9% 6-BAP, which is 19 grams in 1 Liter of water. You have to use a basic solution and/or alcohol to get the 6-BAP to dissolve. I use potassium hydroxide and rubbing alcohol in my “generic maxcel”, but it would be a good idea to include a spreader.


@TurkeyCreekTrees: Does Midwest Growers Supply sell to the dozen-trees-in-the-backyard folks?

I wonder if 6-benzylaminopurine (6-BAP) would have any effect as a freeze “rescue” for apples. Or I wonder if the gibberellins are required for this…