Propagation of Peaches from seeds

When I was a child (69 now) my grandfather bit into a juicy peach and said it was the best peach he had evah tasted. He planted the seed and grew a tree that bore fruit. I want to do the same with a particular peach tree from my small grove in Nashville. Is there a specific sequence that I must follow to succeed in raising peaches similar to the ones that come off that tree this year?

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I hear the peach will be similar but not the same. There is really no telling what you will get from a peach pit. That is like saying is there any process I can do to get things the same as the parent. No matter what there is going to be differences.

Thanks for yoyr input. What I am looking for is the sequence of planting the pit. How deep should I bury it, after sprouting how long to leave it in the original container, and do I leave the container outside over the winter before transplantation to the grove.

Start the seed the same way you would any seed- plant an inch or two deep and keep watered. After a year cut the top off and graft a scion from the original tree onto the whip you have grown. It’s pretty easy.

That’s the only way to get the same exact peaches you enjoy so much.

Peaches are not as hybridized as apples, so there is a chance you will get something similar to the original peach. Also, they are usually self pollinated, so again, seedlings can be similar to the parent. I grew a peach tree from seed and it is very good. Also, the parent was leaf curl resistant and so was the progeny.

Peach pits need stratification. Wash the seed, wrap in moist paper towel, and place it into a sandwich size zipper plastic bag. put it in the fridge. Take out now and then to check for mold. If there is mold, wash it off the seed and replace the paper towel with clean, moist paper towel. In about four months, you can try planting the seed in a flower pot. It’s OK to grow it in bright light indoors for the winter. Some people prefer damp newspaper over paper towels, stating it doesn’t get moldy. I have not tried that but would if I did it again.

I planted 1/2 inch deep. I planted the little peach tree in the yard when it was a foot tall.

I had the best luck opening the shell before stratifying. I used a vice grips. The pictured seeds were from genetic dwarf peaches and smaller than regular peaches.


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Great introductions! Thank you so much. I am retiring later this year and am looking forward ways to expand my AG knowledge. So I’m going to do both. Graft and from seed. When grafting done you make the cut at an angle then wrap with some sort of grafting tape? How is it done exactly?

Many ways to graft, look on this board for grafting threads.

I also grow peaches the way Bear_with_me does. I plant them after they sprout open. I have 4 seedlings currently.

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Most of my peah trees are from seed and they taste great.

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Thanks, friends. This is a great site for this sort of info. I will let you all know how it works out.

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