Propogating medlar from hardwood cuttings, in spring?

So I had two medlar trees planted last year, that got mauled by rabbits over the winter. I was writing them off as a loss, but to my surprise one of them is sprouting growth above the damage. I’m assuming these must have been chewed when winter was nearly over, and still had reserves of moisture and energy left? I’m wondering if anyone can advise as to how likely it might be that I can root cuttings of the few hardwood branches from last year. Most of the stuff I’ve been reading about rooting hardwood says it’s best to take the cuttings in the fall, but I don’t really have that option here. They’re already breaking bud. Is it worth a shot?

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Medlars can be easily graft on quince or hawthorn rootstock.

Right, but i don’t have any rootstock available. This is a surprise situation.

It sounds like you have nothing to lose trying, so definately worth a shot.

You could also try to bridge graft to bridge the damage.

Have you considered cutting the top and regrafting below the damage? Even if it’s very low or even into the root it will likely have a better chance than trying to root the cutting. Not to say you shouldn’t give it a go if you want. Sue

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@ carot - they stripped the bark for about 24" from the base (tree was in a snow drift so they could reach higher). So if a bridge graft is what I think it is, no.

@Sue - because they stripped the bark so high from the base, I figured the diameter different was too large to overcome. The diameter of trunk where there’s still bark is probably about 1.5 inches, whereas the closest trunk that still has bark is maybe 1/2" at thickest, though I’d think I’d only want to graft a younger branch, which would be pencil thickness. Is there a recommended method for grafting extremely different diameters?

Check out this guide to bark grafting (among other techniques) - seems like it might be a good fit for your situation.

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Yes, the best would be to use young (last years growth) wood to graft, and a bark graft should work nice. If you search the site for Bark Grafting you’ll come up with lots of info and help on it. I haven’t experience with medlars but others on the site have (just search for medlar). Good luck! Sounds like you have a chance to save your tree. Sue

I took a bunch of cuttings off my Medlar. I’m trying to grow them in a sand medium. Maybe try both grafting and propagating. Just a thought.

Any success with the cuttings?

I was successful on about 300 cuttings from my various trees and shrubs. Unfortunately none of the Medlar cuttings survived. Probably my fault. All of the first batch of cuttings I tried, including the Medlar, did not make it. The second batch had much better success. I will try again next spring. I need to go check on my Medlar crop, they should probably be harvested soon. Temps are in the 40’s lately…

How about trying summer softwood cuttings? It works with quite a lot of plants.

Sounds like an excellent idea. I’ll give that a try as well.

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