Prospecting for Mulberries

Found another ancient nigra in a hay meadow half way into the forest behind a neighbouring village. And two fawns sleeping a few meters away.


So many amazing nigras around you!

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Collected some nigra seed material today and got a photo-story as a bonus:

And both of us ate more than our share of mulberries. :slight_smile:


Kip Parker graft…

Lawson Dawson graft…

Looking good !!!


FYI mulberry grafts for sale on Perfect Circle Farm as of an hour ago looks like:


@armyofda12mnkeys Picking up anything?

Just going by some posts here that liked Lawson Dawson and Varaha. I debated Kip Parker but don’t want to spend too much money. Maybe graft some next year. Going to give away to friends’ farms.
Wonder how everbearing Lawson Dawson is compared to IE. He also has one called something like Everloving, wonder if that is everbearing (no description unfortunately).

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@armyofda12mnkeys I was looking at Varaha, too. It looks like a good one.

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@Lucky_P Any thoughts on quality comparison? And throw Stearns in too??

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Found a hybrid mulberry in a park that is still making fruit. Not the biggest, or a ton of it, but this tree is not getting full sun and definitely not getting any fertilizer.

Added photos of the park sign because it could be that the Clark family grew some of the first albas in this area. I’m sure they had several trees to provide food for chickens/hogs. I know this is not one of those original trees but still pretty cool to find any mulberries this late in the year. Planning on collecting some scion to see if the berries are any better on a well fed full sun rootstock.

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