Protect blossoms from freeze

I just came across this video about a method to protect blossoms from frost/freezing temps: covering them with ice! I’ve never tried it and can’t comment of effectiveness but the explanation makes sense to this layman and I’d certainly consider trying it. If it works, I hope it can help someone.

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When I lived in Florida, years ago, before the climate change and global warming began, the temperature would drop below freezing two or three times a year and the plant nurseries would turn on the sprinklers and let them run **continuously all night.****** The next morning, the entire nursery would be covered completely in icicles. Pretty cool. Orange groves too, with rows and rows of trees covered in icicles.

Anyway, rather than cycling the water off and on every twenty minutes as the guy in the video suggests, it may be easier to leave the water on–so there is no worry about the development of an “exothermic” reaction and hazy ice that would destroy the endothermic reaction protecting the plants…and also no worry about the hoses freezing when the water is shut off between cycles.

This guy got lucky with a freeze that won’t have caused much damage anyway. He kind of knows what he’s talking about but not fully. This video doesn’t come close to explaining what you need to know. Next time he tries protecting with his sprinkles he may well cause the damage to be worse.

He’s an article that more fully explains the situation: Using sprinklers to protect plants from spring freezes - MSU Extension

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