Protecting blossoms from frost

I know this is a common question but I just wanted to check the best options. We will have frost and temps down to as low as 25 this week but most of my apple trees are already in bloom.

I can spray water on the larger trees before night so that they ice over, which may insulate the blossoms a little.

For the small dwarf trees, would it be more effective to cover them with a blanket or tarp, if I can? Are there any other options I should consider? I’m concerned that I’m looking at a total loss of fruit this year if I don’t do something pretty effective.

Here is some useful information on critical temperatures of fruit buds and blossoms as well as using irrigation to protect from freeze damage. There is a narrow range at which irrigation will protect from freeze damage and at 25 degrees it might be cause harm than good.


We had a hard freeze a few weeks ago. We covered our trees (which lots of fruit already) as best as we could with blankets/sheets. Also strung up old Christmas lights, heat lamps, and plumbers heat tape. The Christmas lights were useless. But the fruit on the branches near the heat lamps and heat tape was saved.