Protogynous vs Protandrous Black Walnuts?

I am currently looking into black walnut cultivars to graft onto black walnut seedlings I have growing everywhere, and I’m confused about the need to have both protogynous and protandrous cultivars. I understand that one puts out the female flowers before the male and the other vice versa, but some posters in the long Black Walnut Varieties thread, are calling some varieties one when others are calling the same ones the other, and then the Missouri Center for Agroforestry publication on growing black walnuts doesn’t mention those terms at all, but just said there needed to be overlap in bloom time, and that they were all somewhat self-fertile, but produced a lot more with a pollinator partner (actually recommended at least 4 cultivars with overlapping bloom time).

So what do I need to be cognizant of when choosing the cultivars to graft? There are tons of wild black walnuts around? Will they take care of any pollination needs?

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Yes. Any variety should work for you.

It is far more important to choose varieties adapted to your location. If you can name the city and state, some of us should be able to recommend adapted varieties. For example, north Alabama and southern TN are good for Thomas, Neel #1, and Farrington.

I’ve tried a few times to figure out dichogamy of some black walnut varieties. Overlap is far more likely than with pecan.

We’re in NE Kansas (near Lawrence, KS), zone 6, and the site is an east-facing hill (with lots of black walnut volunteers). I’d love some suggestions for adapted varieties!

You can grow most varieties with few problems. Start with Thomas, Neel #1, Farrington, Sparrow, Surprise, Pounds #2, and S127. A few others would work very well, but not really necessary for some good walnuts. Gerald Gardner had a large planting with about 60 or 70 varieties at his home near Sarcoxie Missouri. I have the above varieties and can probably cut some scionwood in a few weeks.

Ask Lucky Pittman for his suggestions.

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Oh wow–that would be great!!! Thanks!!!

Thomas Myers, Emma Kay, and Sparks 147 are good here. Had my first harvest (12 nuts) from ‘Clermont’ this year…extremely thin shell.

Southern west-central KY, about 70 mi NW of Nashville TN

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