Prowl H20

Has anyone used Prowl H20 pre-emergent herbicide? I was looking to use it this fall before some fall strawberry plug planting and next spring in a new vegetable garden spot.

The instruction are given in per acre rate and I was wondering if anyone has used this product and at what rate per gallon they used.

Thank you.

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4 to 5 percent solution in water incorporated in top one inch of soil or sprinkler watered in within 24 hours.

Yes. I’ve used it with fairly good success - until this spring… I do not have irrigation set up for my 1/3 acre garden, and there was no rain for a full month after I plowed & drug up my beds and sprayed the Prowl H2O. By the time we got a rain to activate it, a LOT of pigweed, Johnsongrass, and various other weeds/grasses had germinated. Then my kids came in for a month-long visit, so we spent a lot of time at the lakehouse, so I was not available to do much, if any, manual weeding. Other than the tomatoes/peppers, okra and green beans, the majority of what I planted this spring will be a near-total loss.

It won’t stop all weed seed germination… even under ideal circumstances, it wears off a couple of months into the season, but that’s usually enough for garden vegetables to get up big enough to hold their own while I pull or hoe out the random pigweed, crabgrass, or Johnsongrass seedling. It does not impact rhizome JG or yellow nutsedge at all.

I’d have to check the jug (and the math I used to arrive at the number), but it seems like I mixed 2 oz Prowl H20 per gallon of water to apply with my backpack sprayer.