Prune back a new Toka Plum?

I just received in a Toka Plum. 5’ tall, 3/4" diameter, very poor roots, a couple very small branches at the very top. Should I head it back to say 2’? Are there enough dormant buds in that heavy of a caliper “trunk” to head it back that drastically and still get new growth? Thanks.

Where did you get this tree from? Just from the sound of it, doesn’t sound like a decent one at all.

Since you asked, Burnt Ridge. Not too happy with their response, that is when I finally got someone higher up to even talk to me about it.

Thats a tough one. If it is not vigorous enough it may not push new buds upon pruning. It depends a lot on the vigor of the stock but you may want to let it grow a year then prune back next year. I have headed back some new stock like that and had it never grow. Only for very low-vigor high diameter stock though.

Toka is one of the more vigorous growing plums. I wouldn’t prune it back at all. Not a good stock condition to work with for sure.

Ok the above Toka Plum seems to be surviving at this point. It pushed a number of buds lower on the heavier trunk portion besides on the smaller limbs. What is the typical pruning for this plum? Modified central leader or open vase? Should I allow it to grow how it wants this year to try and build a root system or do some pruning this year?