Pruning a 1 year old Saijo Persimmon

I planted last Feb, it grew straight up. It’s 7 ft now, but doesn’t have a single side branch. A beanpole of a tree.

Should I cut off at 3-4 ft to let it try again? Or maybe put a notch above a couple buds where I’d like branches to be? Or just leave it alone?


Dallas TX


In my opinion the best thing to do would be
Cut at about 4’.
Take that 3’ top ,cut into 6"-8" pieces.
Carefully package, and send that to me !
I would love to have a persimmon that grows that fast.
However ,it may not be winter hardy here.



To train that Saijo back to a vase form then headed at 3 or 4 feet of your liking and the tree will send out a bunch of side branches.



What height do you want the side branches? What height do you want the overall tree? I’m guessing based on the answers given so far we are assuming you want side branches at 4 feet. I only ask this because some people have more room up than out. If you needed to you could tip it at any height and it sends lateral branches out it’s just a matter of preference.

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OK, sounds like I should chop off at 3ft. Hillbillyhort, pm me this month if you’d like wood


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Yes ,I will
My comment was meant to be truthful ,and kind of a joke.
I think heading it back is the right thing to do.
And I would like to have a piece of that action.
If you cut off 3-4’, I would only need a foot of bud wood.
So you could spread the love.
PM soon…


Sorry to bring back an old thread but I have a question on persimmon trees as well. I have a Jiro persimmon tree in the same situation. It’s just a whip this year but I’m curious of how high to cut for scaffold branches to form. I have read a lot on the Internet regarding the weight of the fruit hanging down and most people suggest topping the tree at 4 feet minimum to form scaffolding branches. I would like all of my trees to be as low as possible. most of my fruit trees are cut roughly around 30 inches. If I cut and try to grow a persimmon tree similar to a peach tree and form scaffolding branches around 30 inches With and open center will that be an issue later on when the weight of the fruit is hanging down on the tree?

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Have a few pruned this way, just like others do it. After the following year pruned the 3 branches again to shortened. The branches in the picture should be spread out wider, those angles are too narrow. The tree need to be straightened out a bit besides.


They look nice. In the second pic of the one by the deck, about how higher up is the first scaffold branch? It looks like you cut them around 3 ft to start with?

I like to graft at 3’, let the sion grow single trunk for the rest of the year.
Prune at about 4’ from graft, pick and choose from healthy growth, keep 4, space them side branches at about 120 degrees. The fourth one , just insurance if one fails. I like the side branches high enough so that you can walk underneath them.
I you want to do nothing, because you want fruit a year earlier than you just let it rip.


Cool. Thank you!